REVIEW FROM Bryant 10/2/2016

"Maryellen  is my coach in both business and personal aspects of my life. Working  with her has helped me to focus on what is really important in my  business and personal life. Her advise on how to deal with people in  stressful situations by controlling my emotions and acting in a  professional manner has helped me tremendously.
The DISC profile also  helped me have a much better understanding of myself and the  personality traits of others. She is a great sounding board, a  knowledgeable coach and effective listener.
Bryant P"

REVIEW from Linda S - 7/2016

"My experience with Maryellen as
My life coach was amazing! I've been  to several therapists and none of them were able to help me in the way  Maryellen did. She gave me tools to use that were life changing. I have  experienced social anxiety disorder, low self esteem and depression.  With Maryellen's guidance I've overcome so much that held me back from  being the person I always wanted to be. I will always be grateful and  thankful that Maryellen came into my life."

REVIEW from Jennifer G - 7/2016

"Recently we booked Dr. Maryellen Lipinski to deliver a customer  service/employee relations seminar for our employees called "Striving  for Excellence in Customer Service". It is rare to find a speaker who  connects with the entire audience but Maryellen did exactly this! It was  evident she took the time to study our business and our people. She was  very professional throughout and despite working on a very tight time  frame delivered a great lecture that the personnel rather highly. I'd  highly recommend Maryellen as a consultant or speaker to any group  wishing to engage its employees or leaders." 

REVIEW from Steve M - 6/2016

"We  recently had Maryellen give a presentation to our group of customer  service providers. She was engaging, interactive, informative, and  professional. She has the ability to share life experiences that have  the potential to enrich others lives. As a group, we definitely  benefited after spending some time with this dynamic individual."

REVIEW from Megan M - 9/12/2016

"Dr. Mel is a blessing. She is someone who listens, analyzes and  vocalizes in a manner that is easy to connect to so that you're able to  hit the ground running in the correct direction. She has a huge heart  and a great personality that leaves you feeling safe, cared for and  appreciated. She knows how to bolster self esteem while giving you  guidance on self improvements. She's able to express ideas in a way that  helps you to connect, see and appreciate yourself and the world around  you. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to  better themselves and brighten their future!!"

REVIEW from Jim P - 8/2016

"My agreement to contract with Maryellen began with a casual  conversation during a visit with some friends where she shared her  diverse background as a psychologist, motivational speaker and life  coach.
She assisted me in identifying for myself changes I needed to  consider in my personal, business and spiritual life in order to enter  into a new and satisfying phase of my life.
As CEO of a development  company, the coaching expanded to my business partners and staff.  Maryellen helped the staff identify issues relative to their specific  roles with annual coaching sessions at our office focused on goal  setting for the staff and company.
In order help facilitate my  journey, Mel engaged my wife and I individually and together to assist  with the "life changing transition" which we began developing together.
I  had no idea what a "Life Coach" really was. Was I in for a surprise!  Engaging in this journey has helped me discover a great balance between  church, spouse, family, career and just enjoying life mor